les spécimens 2005

archaeology of a market society


What is priceless is worthless.

What is priceless cannot be accounted for.

What is priceless does not exist.

Thus thinks the Market.


Tell me what you can buy, I will tell you what you are worth.

The rule is simple, the belief is clear, the evaluation is easy : The more you produce, the more you consume, the more you will be happy.

Thus speaks the Market.


Out of this cycle, you are not worth anything any longer, your downfall is vertiginous.

Your hell… Misfit, invisible specimen, you become.

What is true for you is also true on a global scale.

Thus threatens the Market.


At the top, wealth, can we climb so high…

At the bottom, poverty, can we fall so low…

Doing the splits, mankind stretches dangerously.

The fortune of 225 people is equal to the income of two billions and half human beings, reservoir of frustrations and humiliations.

Thus shows chaos.

Conglomerates of men, industrial remains, plants and minerals, the Spécimens are the abandoned witnesses of a society in crisis where the property is superior to the relationship.

Exhumed from the wasteland where they were rotting, they personify the inalterable part of the tangible, the life.