à table ! - 2016

Label Friche, Nogent le Rotrou, Journées Européennes du Patrimoine


clay Christine Coste - sound Nikola Kapetanovic, Fred Soupa

time 45 min


Chairs, tables, jingling cutlery, clinking glasses, customers and discussions, a plastic artist meets two musicians in a coffee atmosphere. Sat down at the table, they are using their body, the earth, and anything close to hand to exchange, bustle, play, build, destroy, while setting the world to rights.

Majestic, ancestral, nutritive and vital matter, the earth comes to life, spreads, covers and heats the bodies and the minds. As a result, the solid or liquid clay becomes the hero of this story that is made up right before our eyes. From the virgin space to the chaos, the silent paralysis to the trance, the human to the primate, the real to the absurd, the bodies and the spaces are being shaped.

A table! (Dinner’s ready!) A performance which, with few means, interrogates with humour and poetry the status of the humanity with respect to the permanency of the matter.