Involved in encompassing themes (the body), Christine Coste works on the overlapping of three specific art forms: ceramics, drawing and performing arts.

The artist often explores the notions of fragment and hybridization, as in the collection corpusgraphie (corpusgraphy) where man fuses with animal, the bodies adorn themselves with hairlike surfaces or pieces of clothing. Often the faces are hidden or obliterated as if to make it easier to understand the nature of these creatures transformed by metamorphosis, an encounter, the search for identity and emancipation.


The body under influence, the mutating shape, the inner/external circulation: These concerns are also perceived in the large scale drawn collection, utérin (uterine). Born to a thread made up of repetitive graphic stitches, the bodies vibrate such as living cells. The layers pile up, interact and therefore create a sensual and spectral phenomenon. Faced with the drawings,

“Then it will be a question of the desire, which moves freely, all genders combined.

Then it will be a question of moist and fluid things during a faceless confrontation, during a muted time.

Then it will be question of ectoplasm with a fiery temper, of jellyfish with a rainy temper…”


During her performances, m’inscrire (Inscribe myself), la vie commence maintenant (life begins now), making narratives and those generically entitled terra incognita, the artist performs again the forces involved in her graphic practice: obstructed, dilated, animalized or reified body.


In this offensive and soft world, the figurative landmarks tend to shade off. The form and substance become one. The bodies – those that Christine Coste draws, but also her own – move freely into a space which heads towards the immersive and personal landscape.

​ 93100 Montreuil - France